Waxing and Threading



At Estetica we use mainly tea-tree wax, which is soothing to the skin during any waxing treatment. We find that it is suitable for all our clients, including any clients who are sensitive to waxing. We also use azulene and special "Brazilian" waxes for our advanced hot waxing.
Half Leg (Lower)20 mins£18.50
Half Leg (Upper)20 mins£19.50
Full Leg45 mins£28.50
Full Leg and Standard Bikini (please see prices below for advanced waxing additional cost) 1 hr£32.50
Three-quarter Leg30 mins£22.50
Under Arm15 mins£12.00
Bikini Line20 mins£15.00
Forearm20 mins£14.00
Full Arm30 mins£19.00
Eyebrows20 mins£10.50
Upper Lip15 mins£9.50
Upper Lip and Chin20 mins£16.00
Chin15 mins£9.50
Small Extra Patches15 minsFrom £6.50
Men's Chest30 mins£22.00
Men's Back30 mins£22.00
Men's Chest and Back1 hr£40.00
Men's Ears20 mins£8.50

Advanced Waxing

Extended Bikini20 mins£23.50
Brazilian Bikini30 mins£28.00
Hollywood Bikini1 hr£33.50


Threading is an ancient form of hair removal ideal for sensitive skins. It gives an perfect line to an eyebrow shape but is also great for facial hair, upper lip hair and the hair line. Using a thin, twisted piece of cotton, we can remove the hair at the follicle level giving an excellent result.
Eyebrows20 mins£10.50
Upper Lip20 mins£9.50
Upper Lip and Chin20 mins£16.00
Hair Line20 mins£10.00
Full Facial Hair (excl Eyebrows)30 mins£20.00